New Members

Membership Information

The purposes and aims of the North Shore Chorus (NSC) as a non-profit society are:

  • to promote the joy of singing;
  • to provide members with a supportive environment in which to enjoy music;
  • to strive for musical excellence within each performance;
  • to develop the musical abilities of members;
  • to provide musical performances within the community;
  • to have fun!


Membership in the NSC is open to any individual with or without prior musical experience, who is over 16 years of age, and who has a desire to sing choral music, subject to space availability in the appropriate voice section. No audition is required but we do have practical limitations on numbers and there may be a waitlist. All new members will be invited to a short listening session with our musical director where they will be asked to match notes on the piano to establish range and correct placement within the choir.

The nominal size of the choir is 60 members comprising 20 sopranos, 20 altos, 10 tenors and 10 basses.

Rehearsals will be held every Wednesday between 7:15 p.m. and 9:45 p.m. from September until May.   Potential members who plan to join should submit an application as soon as practical as openings are filled on a first come, first served basis.

Fees for each season are $200 with a 10% discount for full-time students.

Open Membership Application: Word Form | .pdf Copy

10 reasons why all men should join a choir

  1. be needed
    Manly voices add depth to any song, especially songs from Africa. You don’t need many male singers to make a huge difference to the sound of a mixed choir.
  2. make new friends Being part of a choir is a wonderful social activity. There are plenty of opportunities to meet new people (maybe even new life partners!) who have similar interests.
  3. live longer
    There are plenty of scientific studies now that show how good singing is for the health, but not just any old singing, singing as part of a choir: it’s a stress-buster, helps with breathing problems, puts you in a good mood, reduces blood pressure, prevents social isolation, sharpens the brain, and much, much more.
  4. be part of a supportive community It’s extraordinary how quickly a choir becomes a real community. There are plenty of stories of how supportive other choir members can be at difficult times: bereavement, relationship break-ups, bad health, loss of job, etc.
  5. become more attractive Women go weak at the knees when they hear men singing! You’ll be amazed at how attractive you become when you start singing. And other men will be seriously impressed by your manly voice – whether high or low – and will look on in envy and admiration (and wish they’d joined the choir too).
  6. find your singing voice
    If you’ve not sung much before, being in a choir is a great way to explore your singing voice in a safe space without being put on the spot. You are one of many and can hide at the back until you find your voice and feel more confident.
  7. show off to friends and family Once you’ve joined a choir you will soon want to share the amazing songs with your friends and family. Show them what you’ve been up to and bask in their pride and admiration.
  8. let off steam
    What scope is there in everyday life to scream at the top of your voice without causing trouble? Singing in a choir is a fantastic way to let off steam in an acceptable way. Sing at the top of your lungs and let all your worries and frustrations go.
  9. have fun You’ll be surprised how much laughter goes on in choir sessions. Yes, you might have to work a little to learn the words and get your part right, but above all, singing in a choir is FUN!
  10. cure baldness Everyone knows that singing in a choir cures male pattern baldness. If you see any bald men in a choir, it’s because they didn’t join young enough! 


Rehearsals are held every Wednesday betwen 7:15 p.m. and 9:45 p.m. from September to May at Mount Seymour United Church, 1200 Parkgate, North Vancouver.


For continuity and balance, it is essential that all members attend rehearsals. If it is impossible to attend, the Section Leader must be advised in advance. Section Leaders should be notified of anticipated absences, such as for vacations, as early as the information is available.


Concerts are among the major goals of the NSC and it is essential that all members be available for all concerts and mark their diaries at the beginning of each season. Also, unless prior arrangement has been made with the Section Leader, members must attend the three rehearsals immediately prior to the dress rehearsal in order to perform at concerts.


For the continued success of the NSC, all members are expected to contribute in some way towards fundraising. These fundraising activities are enjoyable social events for members.